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Impact Santé - Checklist (3rd edition)

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A memory aid pocket size developed to help professional medical responders provide the best possible care in an emergency response context. Thus, this work brings together relevant techniques, protocols and recommendations respecting at least the protocols and recommendations included in the emergency care guide for professional responders of the Canadian Red Cross (2018).

Targeted stakeholders: Event First Responder, Remote First Responder, Emergency Medical Responder, Advanced Rescuer at Sea, etc.

By the subjects discussed figure:

  • Standard of care and responsibilities,
  • Scene assessment,
  • Assessment of transmission risks,
  • Primary assessment,
  • Secondary assessment,
  • Neurological evaluation,
  • Toxicological evaluation,
  • Multiple patient assessment (triage),
  • Respiratory tract emergencies,
  • Respiratory emergencies,
  • Circulatory emergencies,
  • Environmental emergencies,
  • Resuscitation technique and cardiopulmonary arrest,
  • Craniocerebral trauma,
  • Trauma To The Spine,
  • Wound care,
  • Burn Care,
  • Sports injuries,
  • Musculoskeletal injuries,
  • Hemorrhage,
  • Medicines,
  • Communication and Operation.

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