Prestan - Adult model (Training)

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Realistic and performing mannequins preferred by instructors and candidates. When candidates perform CPR compressions on Prestan Professional Adult Manikins, not only will they see when they have reached and maintain minimum speed, they will also know when they are exceeding speed.

  • Much easier and faster to transport and install at training sites
  • Easily inserted face shield / lung bag provides visual chest elevation to ensure students receive the most accurate and realistic training
  • The face shield is secure so that it won't slip and there is no need for adhesive
  • Patented Face / Head Tilt simulates how an actual victim's head would move if they needed CPR and teaches students how to properly open the airways
  • The unique click mechanism provides audible confirmation when the correct compression depth is reached, guiding towards the appropriate force when administering CPR compressions.
  • Located in the shoulder is the CPR rate monitor which provides instant visual feedback on compression ratios - students know they are at the correct compression ratio when two green lights illuminate
  • Prestan mannequins are not made with natural rubber latex
  • Batteries not included.

Note: Prestan adult mannequins will now have open nose holes. This will simulate a realistic pinch of the nose with an overall look of the mannequin. The air BORN will circulate NOT through the holes of the nose into the lung pockets.

DIMENSIONS: 26 "x 13" x 23 "
WEIGHT: 26 lbs.

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