TOPMED - Protective visor

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Protects important parts of your face. Comfortable anti-fog face shield with a stylish design. The adjustable head harness provides a comfortable fit for most head sizes. Consisting of a superbly designed reusable frame and quick-change disposable visor. Suitable for dental home, store or professional use.

Protect the health and safety of the population as well as all workers in essential services with our innovative visors! Our visors are designed to protect your nose, eyes and mouth against the projection of contaminated droplets and aerosols. They offer exceptional visibility and can be adjusted for your comfort. They can be worn over glasses, other protective masks or with a protective helmet. Our innovative manufacturing technique uses 3D printing to produce durable visor frames that can be reused or disinfected as needed. The transparent visor is anti-scratch and can be easily replaced or cleaned.

  • Factory-cleaned and sterilized visors
  • 100% adjustable for everyone's comfort
  • Clear visor made from high quality PETG foil providing superior protection
  • Washable, reusable and replaceable visors
  • According to the norms

CERTIFICATIONS: CAN / CSA Z94.3, Z87.1 and CE EN166.

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